Friday, August 23, 2013

I am old now.

T-shirt in Department store
yàa tíng guu   guu gàe láeo
อย่าทิ้งกู  กูแก่แล้ว (impolite sentence)

yàa tíng pŏm   pŏm gàe láeo

อย่าทิ้งผม  ผมแก่แล้ว (polite sentence)
(male speaker)


อย่า      (yàa)          don't

ทิ้ง          (tíng)          to leave, to throw away

กู            (guu)          I,me(impolite)

ผม        (pŏm)         I,me(polite-male speaker)
แก่        (gàe)          old (people)

แล้ว      (láeo)          already

Do you know the meaning of these sentences?

Click here to listen and get the answer

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